F4U Corsair - Books

As of 25JAN09 These are books I'm aware of:

Thanks to Andrew, Christian, Jeff, Roy and Scott for helping to update my list.

Vought F4U Corsair by Martin W. Bowman
ISBN: 1861264925
Death Rattlers: Marine Squadron VMF-323 over Okinawa
ISBN: 0764309536
F4U Corsair Units of the Korean War
ISBN: 1846034116
ISBN: 1598007343
The Threadbare Buzzard: A Marine Fighter Pilot in WWII
ISBN: 1598007343
The Time Capsule Fighter Corsair KD431 by David Morris
ISBN: 07509435X
Aeroplanes Vought 1917 - 1977 by Gerard P. Moran
ISBN: 0911852832
ASIN: B0006PG2UG Hardback
ASIN: B000O1BE28 Paperback
This Exciting Air, The Experience of a Test Pilot by Boone Guyton Copyright, 1943
F4U Corsair by Frederick A. Johnsen; Illustrator: Rikyu Watanabe
ISBN: 0517550075
Corsair Aces. The bent-wing bird over the Pacific by Walter A. Musciano
ISBN: 0668046007 Hardcover
ISBN: 0668045973 Hardcover 2nd Editionn
ISBN: 0830682694 Softcover
Round-Engine Racers Vol. 2 - Bearcats & Corsairs Raceplane TECH Series by Nicholas A. Veronico and A. Kevin Grantham
ISBN: 1-58007-035-3
Ace-A Marine Night Fighter Pilot in World War II by R. Bruce Porter w/ Eric Hammel
ISBN: 0935553010
Aces against Japan by Eric M. Hammel
ISBN: 0935553142 Hard Cover, 0671529080 Paper
America's Hundred Thousand-US Production Fighters of World War II by Francis H. Dean
ISBN: 0764300725
The Jolly Rogers – Story of Tom Blackburn and Navy Fighting Squadron VF-17 By: Tom Blackburn with Eric Hammel
ISBN #: 0-93553-19-3 Published by: Pacifica Press
ISBN #: 0935553193 Published by: Random House 1997 Hard cover
ISBN #: 0760322007 Published by: Zenith Pr 2008 Paper
Baa Baa Black Sheep by Gregory "Pappy" Boyington
ISBN: 0830640088 Hard Cover
ISBN: 0553263501 Paperback
Bent Wings-F4U Corsair Action and Accidents by Fred Blechman
ISBN: 0738803464
The Blue Devils by Mark Styling and Barrett Tillman
Chance Vought F4U Corsair Vol. II by Andre R Zbiegniewski
ISBN: 8360445109
Compendum Modelling Manuals Vol. 23 - Vought F4U Corsair by
ISBN: 1902579437
Victory Roll: The American Fighter Pilot and Aircraft in World War II by William Wolf
ISBN: 0764314580 Hard Cover
Flying to the Limit: Testing World War II Single-engined Fighter Aircraft by Peter Caygill
ISBN: 9781844152261 Hard Cover
Black Sheep One-The life of Gregory "Pappy" Boyington
ISBN: 0891417168
Black Sheep, The by Bruce D. Gumble
ISBN: 0891416447 Hard Cover, 0891417117 Paper
Black Sheep Squadron No. 2, The by Michael Jahn
ISBN: 0553136453
Briny to the Blue-Memoirs of WWII by Capt. Bernard W. Peterson
ISBN: 0963187503
Chance Vought F4U Corsair by Maloney, Edward T & Uwe Feist
ISBN: 0816805407
Corsair Aces of World War 2 by Mark Styling, Jerry Scutts
ISBN: 1855325306
Corsair-The F4U in World War II and Korea by Barrett Tillman
ISBN: 0870211315
Corsair Years, The by Andrew Jones
ISBN: 1563111810
Corsairs and Flattops-Marine Carrier Air Warfare, 1944-1945 by John P. Condon
ISBN: 1557501270
Duels in the Sky-World War II Naval Aircraft in Combat by Capt Eric M. Brown
ISBN: 0870210637
F2G-1 Super Corsair
ISBN: 1930432003
F4U Corsair by Nicholas A Veronico, John M. Campbell, Donna Campbell
ISBN: 0879388544
F4U Corsair at War by Richard Abrams
ISBN: 0711007667
F4U Corsair in Action by Sullivan; Squadron / Signal Publications #145
ISBN: 0897473183
F4U Corsair in Action; Squadron / Signal Publications #29
ISBN: 0897470281 - Paperback
F4U Corsair in Color (Fighting Color Series) by Jim Sullivan
ISBN: 0897471202
F4U Corsair-In Detail and Scale (Vol. 55) Part 1 by Bert Kinzey
ISBN: 1888974087
F4U Corsair-In Detail and Scale (Vol. 56) Part 2 by Bert Kinzey
ISBN: 1888974095
Fighters over Korea by Warren E. Thompson
ISBN: 1855328711
Lost Black Sheep-The Search for WWII Ace Chris Magee by Robert T. Reed
ISBN: 1555715494
Marine Fighting Squadron 121 by Thomas Doll
ISBN: 0897473698
Mig Alley-Air to Air Combat over Korea by Larry Davis
ISBN: 0897470818
Once They were Eagles-The men of the Black Sheep Squadron by Frank E. Walton
ISBN: 0813115795 Hard Cover, 0813108756 Paper
Picture History of World War II-American Aircraft Production by Joshua Stoff
ISBN: 048627618X
Pilots Handbook-Navy Models F4U-5, -5N, -5NL, -5P "Reprint"
ISBN: 0887408214
Pilots Manual for Early F4U's "Reprint"
ISBN: 0879940263
R-2800-Pratt & Whitney's Dependable Masterpeice by Graham White
ISBN: 0768002729
Short Straw-Memoirs of Korea by Capt. Bernard Peterson
ISBN: 0963187538
Skull & Crossbones Squadron-VF-17 in World War II by Lee Cook
ISBN: 0764304755
ISBN: 0760305595
United States Naval Fighters of WWII in Action By Michael O’ Leary
ASIN: B000UCMV5K Hardcover
ISBN: 0713714735 Paperback
USN Aircraft Carrier Air Units Vol#1 1946-1956 By: Duane A Kasulka; Squadron / Signal Publications
ISBN: 0897471644 Paperback
CORSAIR: 30 Years of Filibustering 1940-1970 By: Bruno Pautigny
ISBN# 2913903282 Hardcover / Color and Black & White Photos, Color Drawings EXCELLENT BOOK……MUST HAVE
Vought F4U Corsair-Aero Detail Vol. 25 by
Vought F4U Corsair-Warbird Tech Series, Vol. 7 by Barrett Tillman
ISBN: 1580070531
Whistling Death-The Test Pilots story of the F4U corsair by Boone T. Guyton
ISBN: 0887407323

If any one is aware of any Corsair Books that I've missed please let me know by e-mail at:dodge@tld-productions.com

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