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F4U Corsair


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A new video by E-Fighter Productions
about Corsairs and their drivers

Corsair History and Information - These links are a good place to begin research on the Vought F4U Corsair.
Surviving Corsair Web Sites - I'm using this space to keep a list of Air worthy Corsairs and there web sites.
Corsair's for sale, spare parts or trade - These sites have all kinds of Hard to find aircraft parts.
Corsair Replica's, Models or plans - Here I have included replicas from companies that have a wing span of over 80" including W.A.R. Replicas 1/2 scale Corsair and Corsair82 by Tony Pileggi.
Corsair Manuals, Books or Drawings - I have found a few sources that sell copies of Corsair Manuals. I have included interesting bookstores and books about the aircraft and other areas of interest.
Corsair Clubs - Corsair Clubs - A group that gets together exclusively for Corsairs be they model or full scale.
Corsair Book List - With avialable ISBN or ASIN numbers. Adding Book Cover Photos
Corsair Artwork and Photos - These web sites contain paintings or photos of the Corsair.
Corsair Pictures & Video - This web page has some of my personal photos. Most are still frames from video I have taken. I'll be adding more photos and video from 'Gathering of Corsairs and Legends' soon.
Corsairs in Air Shows - When this is finished I plan to have all web sites where Air worthy Corsairs will be on display and hopefully put on a show.
Corsair Wreck Locators - These sites even though they are wreck locators they have a wealth of information on aircraft and ships alike.
Corsair Forums -
Corsair Simulators - Not everything here is just about Simulators, several sites have histories about different squadrons and aircraft. I have located several different Corsair skins for CS, CSII and FS2000
Corsair Merchandise - Web sites that have Corsair stuff for sale. (i.e. Coffee Mugs, Tee Shirts, Hats, etc.)
Corsair Misc. - Anything else about the Corsair that doesn't fit into the previous categories. Including Leather Flight Jackets by Avirex.

Corsair History and Information

Vought Heritage Foundation Website - Vought Heritage Foundation Website. The creator of the F4U Corsair.
Sikorsky Aircraft Archives - Vought's partner in the F4U Corsair. This is the information they have on line about the F4U Corsair
National Archives and Records Administration - This is the location where a copy of the blueprints for the Chance Vought F4U Corsair can be found. You first need to obtain written permission from Vought Aircraft Inc. to get a copy on microfilm. Once you decide which reel you want (i.e.. there are 33 reels for the F4U-1C and F4U-1D) you place your order with them. RG72: Reel 2683-1 has the 3-view drawings on it. Each reel is $34.

National Archives and Records Administration
Cartographic and Architectural Branch
Archives II
8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, Maryland 20740-6001
(301) 713-7040

home.att.net/~jbaugher/navyserials.html US Navy and US Marine Corps Aircraft Serial Numbers and Bureau Numbers--1911 to Present. This web site has many serial numbers of all types of aircraft and some of the histories as well. Great site for research.
Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum - They have some interesting information on the Corsair and other aircraft as well.
acepilots.com - American Aces of World War Two and other conflicts
Aviation History's Vought F4U Corsair Web Site
fleetairarmarchive.net - Fleet Air Arm Archive has good information and links.
warbirdalley.com - Warbird Alley is a web resource for owners, operators, restorers, maintainers and enthusiasts of classic ex-military aircraft.
f4ucorsir.com - Some good info, drawings, stories, links, and the home of the VMF-312 Checkerboards
Web-birds.Com - They have some great web links
VBF-85.com - It's about VBF-85 Corsair pilot Lt. Richard T. Schaeffer and the men he flew with on the USS Shangri-La, CV-38
naval-air.org - The National Museum of Naval Aviation.
warbirdsresourcegroup.org - Corsair page. They have a Corsair Registrywith the last known location and condition of many F4U Corsairs.
vf-17, The Jolly Rogers - A history of the VF-17 "Jolly Rogers" squadron.
Goodyear F2G Status List - This web site has a list of the F2G Super Corsairs and a little history about them.
rendersworld.com - Over views of different Corsair variants.
World War II Pilots Start - This site has Ace Pilot Bios and other things of interest.
Corey C. Jordan's Chance Vought F4U-4 Corsair - The Best Fighter/Bomber of WWII? The Facts Tell The Whole Story
Logbook Magazine - Great Aviation History: We bring you the stories that have rarely or never been published before, told by the people who lived them. If the story is known, we dig to find additional information, documents and photographs to add to the knowledge about the topic. Short stories, sea stories, personal remembrances, in-depth information and simple hangar flying are the kind of unique aviation history you will find in the pages of LOGBOOK.
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Surviving Corsair Web Sites

www.classicfighters.org - An F4U-4B, N240CF, marked for Capt. Thomas Hudner (Ret.), the Korean Medal of Honor winner and owned by Doug Matthews.
www.koreanwarhero.com - Jim Tobul's F4U-5 Korean War Hero is flying again.
Kalamazoo Air Zoo - The Official Web site. Home of the National Guadalcanal Memorial Museum and Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame
cavanaughflightmuseum.com - Cavanaugh Flight Museum near Dallas TX has many aircraft including an FG-1D Bureau No: 92399
- Marines Dream an FG-1D Corsair is now owned by Tom Duffy. No current website available.
odegaardaviation.homestead.com - Odegaard Aviation.
Connecticut Corsair - Corsair Restoration Project
Fargo Air Museum - They have a F2G-1D, The world's only flying Super Corsair! Along with another F4U Corsair.
Palm Springs Air Museum - The Palm Springs Air Museum, is a non-profit educational institution, whose mission is to exhibit, educate and eternalize the role of the World War II combat aircraft and the role the pilots and American citizens had in achieving this great victory.
The Fighter Factor Website - They have a nice flying FG-1D Corsair
Tom Reilly's Flying Tigers War bird Air Museum
Wings of Eagles - located in Horseheads, New York
americanaeroservices.com/AmericanAero.htm - Warbird Restoration and Maintenance.
bentwings.com - FG-1D Restoration and other information.
tillamookair.com - Tillamook Air Museum, They have a F4U-7 Corsair.
corsair713.homestead.com - Korean War Hero, F4U-4 Corsair, Bureau No. 97143, N713JT, Year built August 1945
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Corsair's for sale or spare parts

Barnstormers Aviation Business Center - They have Corsair parts and a 1/2 scale Corsair for sale
War bird Parts - This web site has War bird parts and Memorabilia
warbirdsite.com - If you are interested in buying or selling war bird parts and aircraft, aviation memorabilia or aviation books, then this site is for you! This site will be updated regularly, so please book mark it and visit again soon!
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Corsair Replica's, Models or Plans

The Corsair82 - F4U-1A Corsair Homebuilt Aircraft Kit built by Tony Pileggi
Al's F2G Super Corsair - Slightly larger then 1/2 Scale,A F2G Super Corsair Under Construction
NuLANtek F4U 70% Scale - 70 Series Team Development Website
WAR Aircraft Replicas - The Official Site of WAR Aircraft Replicas 50% Corsairs plans
W.A.R. Buddies Builders of WAR Aircraft Replicas - Classifieds - Aircraft For Sale
Roger "Wolf" Smith's F4U Squadron - Home-build Experimental Aircraft
Nick Ziroli's Corsair Plans - This is a 1/5 scale model (93" wingspan). These plans have the highest recommendation by all the people I've talked to.
Cleveland Model & Supply - Corsair plans from 1/32 (15" wingspan) up to 1/4 scale (120" wingspan). You will need to choose the maker, aircraft type and time era to find the Corsair plans.
Bud Nosen's Kit - F4U Corsair with a 109" wingspan.
Meister Scale Aircraft - Their Corsair has a 100" wingspan.
- Marutaka (formerly distributed by Royal in the US) has a 1/5 scale with a wing span of 98 5/16". They are available from scaleaero.com/maruataka.htm. I have been unable to locate Marutaka's Company Web Site at the present time.
top-flight.com/airplane/topa0410.html Top Flite's Corsair with a 62" wingspan.
fineartmodels.com - Fine Art Models reproduces the Corsair in every detail at 1/15th scale. This is the second exception. Detail is superb you have to see it to believe it. Model Data: Span 38" Length 27" Height 10"

Below are places to purchase pre-cut kits or other parts for your Corsair.

aero-sports.com/aakc -All American Kit Cutters - The Hobby's Largest Premier Quality Kit Cutters For Radio Controlled Aircraft.
Precesion Cut Kits - With their LaserLine they can create a kit from almost any plans.
scaleaero.com - Scale Cockpit Kits from Ed Clayman for different Corsairs and other aircraft as well.
robart.com - Robart retractable gear for RC aircraft
midwestproducts.com - Midwest Products - Midwest has all your wood needs for: Hobbies, crafts, miniatures, & architectural projects. Midwest's model airplane, boat, bridge, & educational kits are all engineered for your satisfaction and success
nationalbalsa.com - National Balsa Company - We provide some of the best quality balsa and balsa products to be found anywhere in the world.
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Corsair Clubs

Corsair Model Aircraft Club in Tallmadge, OH

Corsair Manuals, Books or Drawings

Aeroplane Books - New and out of print Aviation Books
Aviation Heritage, Inc. - publishes Aviation Books, Airplane Photo CDs, 3 View Scale Drawings & an Online Historical Aviation Magazine.
Essco Aircraft - They sell aircraft manuals of all kinds, plus Aviation Videos and Vintage War bird and Training Videos.
They have the following Manuals on the F4U-1 Corsair:
Erection and Maintenance Manual - F4U-1C, F3A-1, FG-1, F4U-1D and FG-1D revised 1946 AN 1-45HA-2.
Illustrated Parts Catalog - F4U-1C, F3A-1, FG-1, F4U-1D and FG-1D revised 1946 AN 1-45HA-2.
Structural Repair Manual - F4U-1C, F3A-1, FG-1, F4U-1D and FG-1D revised 1944 AN 01-45HA-3.
F4U Corsair Manuals - Paul Varga has Corsair Manuals for the -1, -2, -4, -5 and -7 series.
Email your requests to: F7FTCAT@aol.com or fax to: (518) 943-1574.
I'll be adding more books as I get them from him.
1) Flight Operating Handbook - F4U-1, 1C, 1D; FG-1, 1D; AN # 01-45HA-1 3/15/45 revised 12/1/52; 90 pg with 3 color pages.
2) Erection & Maintenance Instructions - F4U-1, FG-1, F3a-1; AN # 01-45HA-2 7/1/45 rev 4/15/46; 662 pg including 8 color.
3) Structural Repair Manual - F4U-1, FG-1, F3A-1; AN # 01-45HA-3 5/1/44; 324 pg NO COLOR.
4) Illustrated Parts Catalog - F4U-1, FG-1, F3A-1; AN # 01-45HA-4 12/1/45; 1234 pg NO COLOR.
5) Hydraulic Systems Manual - F4U-1, FG-1; Chance Vought Publication; 70 pg with color illustrations.
aerotecdata.com - AEROTECDATA - A Westair International Company - They specialize in Manuals of all kinds.
Flight Manuals
F4U-1/-1C/-1D/F3A-1/FG-1/FG-1D Flight Manual (AN 01-45HA-1) (No. of pages. 87)
F4U-4 Flight Manual (color) (AN 01-45HB-1) (No. of pages. 52) (b&w)
F4U-5 Flight Manual (color) (AN 01-45HD-1) (No. of pages. 61) (b&w)
F4U-5/5N/5NL/5P Flight Manual (AN 01-45HD-1) (No. of pages. 102)
Maintenance Manuals and Service Handbooks
F4U-1/-1C/-1D/F3A-1/FG-1/FG-1D Maintenance Manual (color) (AN 01-45HA-2) (No. of pages. 636) (b&w)
F4U-4 Service Handbook (No manual #, factory) (No. of pages. 81)
Structural Repair Manuals
F4U-1/F3A-1/FG-1 Structural Repair Manual (AN 01-45HA-3) (No. of pages. 281)
F4U-4 Structural Repair Manual (AN 01-45HB-3) (No. of pages. 220)
Illustrated Parts Catalog
F4U-1/-1C/-1D/F3A-1/FG-1/FG-1D Illustrated Parts Catalog (AN 01-45HA-4) (No. of pages. 1208)
F4U-5/N/P/NL Illustrated Parts Catalog (AN 01-45HA-4) (No. of pages. 723)
MAL Hobby Shop - They have a great list of aviation books
Yellowairplane.com - A good list of Corsair Videos on DVD and VHS as well as a good list of books and small kits.
Bent Wings - F4U Corsair Action & Accidents: True Tales of Trial & Terror! written by Fred "Crash" Blechman
Hobby Land Japan Home Page - They have the Maru Mechanic (Item Code-KJSMM09) and the Aero Detail (Item Code-MDGAD25) books on the Corsair. The Aero Detail has some great pictures, sketches and drawings.
Zeno's World War II Aviation Books & Videos - They have several books on the F4U Corsair including the Roaring Glory Series DVD.
Air Group 4 - "Casablanca to Tokyo" - Dedicated to those who served in VT-4, VB-4, VF-4, VMF-124 and VMF-213. They have a few books on Corsairs.
Fletch New and Used Book Search Engine - This is a link to Corsair books that appear on their website.
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Corsair Artwork and Photos

Lyle Brown Art - Artwork by Lyle Brown.
Aviation Art - from Aviator Art
Stenberg Aviation Art
Air Art Northwest - Aviation Fine Art, Limited Edition Prints, Original Paintings, Bronze Statuary
Military Art Gallery - Many different Military paintings by varying artists.
Wings Fine Arts - Limited Edition Prints of Robert Taylor, Nicolas Trudgian and Philip West.
spitcrazy.com - Chance Vought F4U Corsair Art.
Fighter Writer's Briefing Room - They have color photos from WWII
FG-1D Photo Walk Around - located at the Museum of Naval Aviation - Pensacola, Florida
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Corsairs in Air shows

airshows.org - Air Show Events by International Council of Airshows, Inc. (ICAS) This web sited has a lot of information on upcomming airshows and their respective websites for more information. A must see if you are looking for a specific airshow.
Aero-Web.org - This web site has a listing of Air shows by location, date, and performer. They also have information on Aircraft and Museums.
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Corsair Wreck Locators

The BentProp Project - This site covers aircraft & ship wreck searches in the Palau Islands and posts their results. Very good information on aircraft and ships alike.
Pacificwrecks.com - Pacific Wreck Database on WWII Aircraft
Aircraft Wreck Finders - This site is dedicated to the memory of those men and women who lost their lives in service to our nation, especially those who remain missing and unaccounted for, in the vastness of the American West and the Pacific Ocean.
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Corsair Simulators

Corsair Country - Home of the F4U Corsair
AVSIM Aircraft Review - F4U Corsair: From this review you can download the Corsair skin for FS2000 and CFS 2
musketeers.org - "Sensei" Fletchman's comprehensive dissertation on flight and combat operations in the F4U Corsair.
HiTech Creations - Aces High is an online flight simulation game.
fsplanet.com - FSPLANET.COM.... ONLY the best files for FS98/FS2000/FS2002. Updated daily!!! They actually have several Corsair Skins.
SIMviation - World Flight Simulation and Aviation - If you go to the downloads tab they have all kinds of skins that can be down loaded for CFS, FS98, FS2000
Ubisoft - IL2 Sturmovik 1946 - A brief descriptions of the game.
Ubisoft - Official Website - Lots of references, bulliten board and answers to questions about the software
Black Sheep Squadron - An online squadron with good tactics, flying formation, etc.
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Corsair Merchandise

War bird Enterprises - Books, Pins, Coffee Mugs, T-shirts and Hats
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Corsair Misc.

avirex.com - Flight Jackets by Avirex, Current Supplier of the A-2 Leather Flight Jacket to the US Airforce.
cincinnati.com/ageless - Ageless Engines by Lee Hodgson. He has plans for a 7, 9, 14, 18 cylinder radial engines as well as for a Bentley Rotary engine.
modelengineeringsoc.com - North American Model Engineering Sociaty: They have minature engines of all kinds. They have a show comming up soon, In April I think.
store.aetv.com - A & E Store Warbirds of WWII this series covers the F4U Corsair
aircraftrecords.com - Sounds from Zeros and Corsairs for sale.
addall.com - A book search and price comparison website. I found a number of Corsair books through their website.
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